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How to avoid GDI Performance loss


GDI performance loss is becoming a much more common maintenance issue on a lot of newer vehicles. To the customer, it is a mysterious problem and most people do not even know it exists. Some vehicles owner don’t know they even own a GDI vehicle in the first place so the purpose of this video blog is to focus on educating our customers on what this maintenance service is, why it is recommended and how often you may need it.

GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection. It is a service designed to keep your vehicles power and maintain fuel efficiency. It is recommended if you are experiencing any loss of power, loss of gas mileage and is recommended as a maintenance service every 15,000 miles on the newer GDI vehicles.  The service will help with the following;

⦁    Restores performance
⦁    Restores fuel efficiency
⦁    Restores power
⦁    Reduces harmful emissions

To break down the process we had Greg Kamrath from BG Kenz and Leslie help explain in a little more detail;

We spray chemicals down the throttle body cleaning throttle plate and intake runners and also soaking the back of the intake valves which slowly breaks down the deposits and restores the airflow and performance to the engine. The chemicals will continue to clean for 2 to 3 drive cycles after the service.

We did the service on a Ford f150 and documented it so you can see the overall process.  Here is our Master Tech from our Happy Valley store, Mike Reynolds to explain more; Step 1 of the process is spraying 2 cans of GDI Valve cleaner (PN 260). At this stage, we are still running off the fuel and adding the cleaner into the combustion chamber.

Step 2 uses 1 can of Injection and combustion cleaner (PN 201). At this stage of the service we are now running off the cleaner only.

This whole service takes up to about an hour. On step 3, we take the vehicle on a test drive to notice the change that has happened. The performance will be back to new and it will also make a very significant change to your vehicles gas mileage. It will continue to clean for 2-3 more drive cycles after the service is done. 

For more details, call into any of our seven valley wide locations and find out if this service is right for you. 

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