Car Care Tip – Car Repair and Maintenance Checklist

The worst thing you can do with your car, is ignore regular maintenance issues that will no doubt to lead to bigger, more long term (and expensive) problems in the future. There are 4 main things that you will need to keep a close eye on.

  1. Tires – Tire pressure and tread can have an impact on miles per gallon amongst other things. Check the tires regularly while they are cold with a quality tire gauge. Check the recommended pressure and make sure you are good to go. Especially before long road trips. Also, a lack of tread is an obvious safety issue when planning on hitting the road. Some car companies are going away from having a “spare “ tire in their vehicles, but if you have one, this is also an important issue.
  2. Oil Changes – The Oil change is one of the most important and underrated maintenance checks that many motorists forget. Before it was pretty common knowledge an oil change was needed around every 3,000 miles but many more recent makes and models can go for 5,000 or even 10,000 miles. Check your vehicles handbook so you are sure to get regular oil changes when they are needed.
  3. Battery – Nobody likes to be stranded on the side of the road, gas station or home when they required to be somewhere important. Flat batteries are a common issue in Arizona because of the climate we live in. We need to be sure the cable connections are tight, and are clear of any corrosion. The recommended check up would be if the battery is more than 3 years old, it is probably a good idea to have it checked out at a shop.
  4. Wiper Blades – Slightly less of a problem in Arizona again due to climate. But with the unexpected downpours we have here, especially in monsoon season it is very important our wiper blades are up to the test. Also, check the washer reservoir is filled to be on the safe side.
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