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Work on classic cars can often end up being expensive. With parts not as readily available as more modern cars. However, some are just too valued to the customer to even think about giving up on. In our Peoria store we had a classic #1948 Willy Jeepster that needed some maintenance.

Here is a list of all maintenance performed to keep this classic running smoothly.

  1. The front end suspension needed replacing
  2. Bushings and steering components also needed replacing.
  3. Front and rear brakes and bearings needed replacing.
  4. Complete exhaust replaced.
  5. Electrical repairs on exterior lighting.

A classic car takes special care and attention from the technicians. If you have ever dreamt of owning a classic car, here are our 5 top tips in MAINTENANCE that you might want to read over before taking ownership.

  1. Washing and detailing is always a good idea. For one, it keeps the car looking great and also washing the undercarriage helps to remove salt, mud, grime and all other dirt.
  2. Take a small run in the car once a month so make sure everything stays in working order. Nothing like leaving a car in your garage for years without testing it out.
  3. Keep it away from extreme hot or cold weather. Here is Arizona in the summer it is very difficult, but try keep the car covered up. If you ever have to store it for a long time without use, remember to remove the battery and don’t forget to drain the fluids.
  4. Cover it using a soft cotton cloth or a reliable and recommended car cover. Also, rolling the windows down to allow real air circulation can help the interior.
  5. As previously mentioned, classic car parts are rare and engines need special attention. So find yourself a reliable parts dealer and a reliable mechanic to keep your classic running smoothly.
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