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Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires offer complete automotive services that can’t be beat by anyone else in the valley. Right now, the more you spend on A/C repair and service, the more you save:

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Your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. We promise to continue to do everything in our power to eliminate uncertainties and make your life easier. We hope that the Wilhelm Auto Concierge Program demonstrates our commitment to you, ensuring that you can safely be on the road when you need to be.

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We will definitely go to Wilhelm AUTOMOTIVE for ALL of our Automotive needs ( Under the hood AUTOMOTIVE Repairs, oil service, tire service, etc. ). The staff from the front desk customer service staff to the GREAT REPAIRMEN they ALL were GREAT! They knew their jobs. They went thru everything under the hood of my truck to find what the problem was & they fixed it for a VERY reasonable price. Anyone who needs their vehicle throughly gone thru & a great repair service go to WILHELM AUTOMOTIVE.

David, thank you for the great rating! We appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you next time you are in need of tires or services.

– GOODYEAR location

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Come to the experts at Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires for special savings! Our A/C inspection includes:

  • Vent temperatures and mode operations

  • Freon leak inspection

  • Compressor operation check

  • System pressures check

  • Cabin filters check

We’re open six days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for your convenience. Schedule your appointment today!

Uncomfortable temperatures in Arizona seem to be magnified when you’re behind a wheel, but maintaining a functional and efficient Air Conditioning system in your vehicle can make the difference between a fun and relaxed road trip and a torturous journey. Temperatures will climb over 100 degrees in the summer; the last thing you want is faulty Air Conditioning system. An annual Air Conditioning inspection could really prevent higher costs down the line. Proper vehicle maintenance can prevent larger and unexpected costs in the future.

When your Air Conditioning System needs repair, you can count on Wilhelm Automotive to provide quick, reliable and honestly-priced service. Our technicians will inspect a number of Air Conditioning functions including:

  1. Vent temperatures and mode operations
  2. Inspect system for Freon leaks
  3. Check compressor operation
  4. Check system pressures
  5. Check cabin filters

All of our technicians are ASE Certified to assure the highest level of service and quality repair. Our services are comprehensive, and they range from a thorough inspection to post-repair system testing. So whether your Air Conditioning system is running fine or experiencing some issues, call your local Wilhelm Automotive Service Center to schedule an A/C Inspection today. We now have 9 locations across the valley for your convenience.

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A/C Inspection and Common Problems

There are certain things you just cannot handle in the Arizona summer heat. A/C in your car is certainly one of them. If you are travelling to and from work every day, it is vital your car A/C system is in good standing. With 100 degree + temperatures just around the corner (sorry to remind you), having your cars A/C inspected and blowing cold can be the difference between a smooth, comfortable commute to work and a disastrous journey.

There are a lot of do-it-yourself automotive mechanics out there which is great. We love anyone who is interested in the industry and we are here to help expand your knowledge. However, your Air Conditioning system inspection is something we highly recommend to get performed by a trained/certified expert. The climate control system can be dangerous to service and it’s not something that is always diagnosed easily. If your air is blowing warmer or “not like it used to”, there are many issues than can cause this not just that your Freon is running low. It could be one of the following issues and even more:dirty car air filter

  • Fans not working
  • Engine running hot
  • Computer can turn it off due to a pressure issue or other electrical fault

If it is low on Freon due to a leak, one other thing to keep in mind is, this could affect your level of your air conditioning compressor oil which could lead to further damage. If you start to notice that your A/C system’s effectiveness is becoming worse, then get it inspected sooner rather than later as it can cause lead to more costly to repair with time. As Mike mentions in the video, if you catch something like this early, it is a relatively easy fix. If you continue to drive with your system attempting to operate in a weakened state then the problem could become more complicated and the fix may become more difficult.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the annoyance of having your car’s interior vents blowing warm air, there are some other things to pay attention to that indicate it’s time for your car AC repair. These are some of the signs to look for:

  • Dampness inside the car: Your vehicle’s air conditioning system acts as a dehumidifier and is designed to take moisture out of the air and drain it outside of your car. This is why you see moisture dripping from the underside of your car after you have parked. But if the water flow to the outside gets blocked, there is nowhere for that moisture to go except back up into the car. This can lead to mildew and mold forming inside the system, and that is unhealthy for you and your passengers.
  • Odors: A properly working AC system should not smell. But if it does, it might mean the system isn’t draining properly which has allowed mildew or mold to grow. Get it checked out as soon as possible. This can be dangerous for anyone but especially for those with allergies, asthma, or other chronic respiratory issues.
  • Unusual or new noises: If your AC begins to click, rattle, or make any noises that sound new or different to you, there may be a simple cause. You may have debris such as twigs or leaves caught in the AC system, or maybe even a nest built by a rat. You may also have a condenser that needs to be replaced.

If you’ve seen any of these signs, book an appointment with our specialists at Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires for car AC repair in Phoenix today. 

Modern car AC systems have become more complex with computer-driven climate control and some repairs require specialized tools. A DIY auto ac repair may make the problem worse if the wrong tool is used.

At Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires, our technicians have the tools and training to evaluate all of the components in the system and make accurate diagnoses. Another important reason to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repair is that some warranties are voided if you make DIY repairs. You’re not required to go to the dealership for repairs, however; your warranty will stay in effect if you use our ASE-certified mechanics. If you have questions, contact your nearest Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires location.

It’s best to be proactive, especially with hot summer months here, so call or schedule an appointment and our technicians will check your car’s AC system to make sure no problems are lurking. Our AC inspection includes:

  • Vent temperatures and mode operations
  • Freon leak inspection
  • Compressor operation check
  • System pressures check
  • Cabin filters check

Your AC system should be serviced by a trained expert. The climate control system can be dangerous to service and is not diagnosed easily. If your system is blowing warm or hot air, is noisy, or emits any odors, let our technicians take a look.

Your AC compressor may begin to wear out without you even knowing something is wrong. The temperature in the car can get slightly warmer (and warmer!) until you realize it’s even happening. Then you notice the air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air at all but at that point, it’s often better to replace the compressor completely rather than try to get it repaired. Some other signs are loud squeals and grinding noises when the compressor is running. 

Your Wilhelm Auto Repair & Services technician can inspect your AC system to identify the problem, and then recommend the best solution. Get in touch with our location that’s most convenient to your home or workplace or schedule an appointment online.

There’s no set schedule for maintenance. If the vents are not blowing cold air or you hear unusual or new noises, it’s time to have our technicians inspect your entire system. We will check your refrigerant level and inspect for leaks. Based on what we find, your car’s AC system might need an AC recharge with more refrigerant or the compressor may need to be replaced. We’re glad to provide a free quote for any of our auto AC repair services.

This is one of those jobs that sounds easy but can end up causing more problems if it’s not done correctly. There are DIY car AC recharge kits available, but there are differences in every vehicle’s AC system that are important. Each car holds a different  amount of refrigerant and there is a risk of overcharging the system. This can be just as harmful to your vehicle. Plus some DIY AC recharge kits contain substances that can clog up the compressor, pump, hoses, or other parts of the system. 

Come into your nearest Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires location to have a technician determine why your AC isn’t keeping you cool. Or schedule an appointment today.

Freon is a brand name often used to refer to many different refrigerants. At one time, R-12 Freon was used in car air conditioners but it was then outlawed by the EPA as harmful to the environment. Today’s refrigerants are safer and cleaner and they all work to prevent overheating. The handling and disposal of Freon must be done properly according to EPA rules, so handling Freon yourself is not recommended. Freon is toxic and contact with it should be avoided.

Many drivers think there is only one car air filter in their vehicle: the filter that keeps contaminants in the engine. But there is also one that filters the air in the interior cabin. It keeps dirt, dust, and pollen from coming through the car’s air conditioning system and into the passenger compartment. 

Over time, filters become contaminated and lose their effectiveness. When the car AC filter is clogged, the entire system works harder, and eventually, your AC’s motor may burn up. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or schedule an appointment at Wilhelm Auto Repair & Tires to have your AC system checked. Preventative maintenance by our technicians will help save you money.

Yes! Check our coupons page for savings on AC system inspections and more, then print the coupons at home or show them on your phone when you come in for service. 

For unexpected car repair expenses, we have partnered with Credit First National Association (CFNA) to offer the Wilhelm Automotive Credit Card. This card provides you a dedicated credit line for your vehicle, along with exclusive benefits such as low monthly payments and no annual fee. Plus, you’ll receive 6 months of no interest financing on services over $150!  Apply online now for the peace of mind to handle emergency repairs and routine service.

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