Wilhelm Automotive Roadside Assistance & Towing Service

Wilhelm is proud to announce changes to our Roadside assistance program. For all qualifying customers, we will be offering FREE Roadside assistance up to $100. If you have your car towed into any of our Wilhelm location, we will cover the cost of your tow bill in the Wilhelm shop.

Also, if you are out of state, do not worry. We will also take care of our qualifying customers with up to $150 towards your tow if you break down out of state. More details below.

How it works for the customer:

  • Call Roadside Assistance Number on your Wilhelm Rewards Card.
  • Customer is prompted to enter PIN Number (also on Rewards card).
  • The customer is asked what location they want to reach. for “Arcadia” select #1, for “Peoria” select #2 etc.
  • After selecting the location, you would like to be towed to, you will be connected through to our local towing companies and they will come to your aide as normal.
  • If you need assistance outside of AZ, then we also cover up to $150 of their tow. It will tell you to select #8. This will connect them to a towing company who will come to your assistance. No need to worry about the tow bill as we will take care of it.

The bottom line for us is we want you to feel safe and take care of our Wilhelm customers.  Our Free towing program is directly linked to your Wilhelm Rewards (link to “rewards section of the website) program. It is simple, just follow the instructions above and we will take care of your bill.

Criteria for keeping Roadside Privileges:

Upon activation, of a customer’s rewards card in stores, roadside assistance through us will be valid for 1 year and renew it if the customer comes in at least 2 times since activation and spend at least $500/yr.