Car Care Tip – April is National Car Care Month – The KEY to a long lasting vehicle.

April is National Car Care Month

April is regarded as National Car Care month. It is a month we use to give our car a little more attention than normal in order to keep it running long term. Most people nowadays seem to understand that the key to keeping your car on the road is keeping up with the scheduled maintenance. Almost all of the maintenance is pretty straightforward and can help save huge costs further down the road.

We have taken the time to address 9 issues you may want to look into. All 9 of these are part of our regular Car Care Health check that is offered every time you get a service done here in any of our 9 stores;

  1. Check all hoses and belts – Here we are mainly checking for cracked, frayed, loose or overly worn down belts and hoses.
  2. Battery – this is vital in our heat – we have to make sure the connection is tight, clean and corrosion free.
  3. Check all fluids – Engine oil, power steering, brake, coolant and windshield washer solvents are amongst the most common problems to make sure you stay on top of.
  4. Exhaust system – are there any leaks? Is there excess damage to the exhaust system? Some factors are visible some are not. Can you hear any uncommon noises that just don’t sound right?
  5. Brake system – The biggest issue with regards to our safety on the roads. At least annually you should have the brake linings, rotors and drums inspected.
  6. Schedule a tune up – This helps to produce low level of emissions as well as other details to keep the engine power balanced with fuel economy.
  7. Inspect steering and suspension – These should be checked annually. We offer yearly special on shocks and struts through Monroe in October. Important to keep on top of these maintenance issues.
  8. Wipers and lighting – Every now and again we get torrential rain here in phoenix, it is important our wipers are in good working order for these moments to keep us safe. Also, lights should be regularly checked. These are both pretty straightforward check ups.
  9. Check the tires – This includes both the pressure and the tread of all 4 tires. Uneven wear means you may be due for an alignment in the near future. Also, please note any bald spots or bulges as a need for a check up.
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