Expert Car AC Repair & Service in the Greenway Area

If you own a vehicle in Arizona, you know that having a cold AC in your car is vital as temperatures climb into the triple digits. Wilhelm Auto Repair’s Greenway location has the latest tools and equipment to diagnose and service your vehicle’s AC so you stay cool and comfortable while driving.

Greenway Auto AC Repair Performed by ASE-Certified Mechanics

ASE-certification means that our mechanics have demonstrated advanced knowledge and skill for servicing both foreign and domestic vehicles. At Wilhelm Auto, all of our technicians have this certification so that our customers know they are getting the highest degree of professional service possible when their vehicle’s AC needs work.

AC services we’re proud to offer drivers in the Greenway area include:

  • General Vehicle AC Check
  • Car AC Recharge 
  • Vehicle AC Leak Detection & Repair
  • Full Car AC Repair

With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our technicians are able to quickly and accurately pinpoint the issues vehicle owners are facing with their AC and can recommend the very best course of action going forward

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Our Car AC Checks

Whether it’s a simple AC recharge, replacing an AC compressor, or finding and sealing a refrigerant leak, an AC check is the first step to discovering why a vehicle’s AC system isn’t cooling properly. 

Items on our AC check punch list include:

  • Inspecting a vehicle’s AC system: Checking temperatures at the vents, the temperature control system, refrigerant levels, and visually inspecting the entire system.
  • Detecting leaks in the AC system: With special dye, our technicians can find the exact location of any leaks in the system and repair as necessary. We’ll usually need to add refrigerant if a leak is present.
  • Providing a written estimate: We will never surprise our customers with a large bill—we provide you with a written estimate outlining the full service and costs before any work begins. We also have our very own financing option to help our customers cover the costs of repair. 

When you visit our Greenway location, you can expect professional service from our certified technicians. During an AC check, we’ll run through several avenues of inspection that let us gauge the health of the overall system and recommend a prioritization of any issues discovered.

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Finding the Best Car AC Repair Near Me

Popping the above into a search engine will yield a lot of results, but with most AC repair shops you don’t know what you’re getting. At Wilhelm Auto Repair Greenway, we’re dedicated to providing service with expert professionalism, at fair and honest prices

We do this by treating every customer who walks through our doors with respect and dignity and by helping our customers save money however we can. That’s why we set up a whole page on our site just for auto service coupons. Check in regularly to find the best deals on auto AC service in the Greenway area.

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