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Does your truck need leveling?

Wilhelm truck

Trucks are becoming a more popular choice than ever when people are purchasing vehicles. There is a big selection on offer nowadays and people are taking full advantage. A lot of trucks come originally with the front end lower than the back end. This is where it may be important to some customers to have their truck “leveled out”. This is mainly to do with aesthetics on how attractive the truck looks and with the truck leveled out, you are bale to put on bigger, more aggressive tires. Here is our master tech, Mike Reynolds to explain more;


For the F150 we worked on, the process was pretty straightforward but it can vary depending on different truck makes and models. This process was easier because for the Ford F150 pictured, there was only one part needed to complete the service. We needed a spacer to be placed above the strut to give the front end a slight lift and level it all out. For other trucks such as Dodge Ram and Chevvy’s the process is a different one.

Step 1 here was to remove the strut so we can bolt the spacer above it. Here are the before and after picture of the strut outside of the vehicle before it was to be reinstalled.

Strut 1 Wilhelm
Strut without Spacer (left)  
Strut 2
Strut with spacer bolted on. (Right)

Because the F150 was so simple, it requires just 2 hours labor and a lot of that is to do with the realignment needed at the end. After the service, the tires need to be aligned again correctly before the whole service is finished, Here is the after photo of the truck during the alignment and the end photo you can see a difference in how the front end is raised.

Tire Wilhelm 1Tire Wilhelm 2

For more details on this process, or anything else you see on our blog, just call in any of our seven stores and they will be happy to help you out.

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