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4205 W Summit Walk Ct

3 Reasons you should think about going electric

Lets start with a blindingly obvious statement, pollution is getting out of hand and whilst it might not directly affect our lifetimes, it will have major implications on our future generations. Limiting CO2 emissions would be a step in the right direction for this world. Electric cars will by no means “save the world” alone, but it’s a start to helping address these pollution issues. Here we look at 3 great reasons you should really think about going electric on your next vehicle and help save the world!!!

Reason 1 – Electric cars are becoming “cool”
Not so long ago options to buy an electric car were what you could say, limited! Now, all the major car companies are investing heavily in electric car technology and that is leaving us (the buyer) with much cooler options to choose from. Electric cars like the ones you see here are now fun to look at, exciting and incredibly powerful.

Pictured: Tesla P90D and its absurd ludicrous mode.Red Tesla

We have one guy to thank for that, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has almost single handedly changed this industry. Musk has always been a fanatic of fast cars, which go from 0-60mph in no time.  Electric cars in the past have never been described as “powerful” but recently, things have changed. Now there’s the Tesla P90D, which has unbelievable power, going from 0-60mph in just 2.8seconds. Check out the video hereBlue Car

But not only supercars, the regular electric vehicle is being designed to be sleek, smooth and powerful which makes them much more appealing to the younger generation.  Tesla also has very recently launched its much more affordable model 3 which got over 115,000 orders within its first 24 hours. The price point is around $35k and is another huge leap in the right direction for electric vehicles.

Metalic Car

Reason 2 – Those Tax breaks

What would you say to an extra $7500 come tax season? There is a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 if you buy a plug in hybrid or electric car. Imagine this nice bonus just for driving an electric car. In some cases with used models, that is almost one quarter of the total purchase price. Your monthly gas bill will almost certainly drop down so if you think about it, 3-4 years driving your electric car, it will pay for itself.

Reason 3 – Maintenance is easier and less necessary
Sure, there are still the check ups just like any vehicle but with no engine and no oil to check amongst other regular car maintenance issues the hassle is definitely limited. You no longer have to deal with that horrible “Check engine light” and it most Tesla cases, they can send out the wireless software update to you. In theory, you are driving a huge phone on wheels, Crazy to think about, right?

But the world is definitely changing and as you saw in our other recent article , the electric vehicle is definitely evolving, maybe its time for a change for you too. 


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