• The Future of the Automotive world

    Wednesday 22 March 2017

    Predicting the future with anything is often not worth trying. If you look back, how much has really changed over the past 10 years? The answer is pretty much everything. This includes the automotive world. Now we are using electric and hybrid cars more and more with many automobile manufactures going away from the "only gas powered market." This blog looks at where we might be tur... read more

    Tagged: automotive
  • How Broken Valve Springs can affect your engine

    Tuesday 21 February 2017

      Picture: Under the hood. Today we will learn about one of the main parts of an engine’s valve train. In an engine many parts work together and achieve the goal of converting chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy. These parts are bolted together and the combination of all these parts is known as engine. Today I am going to tell you about one of the key components required to make an engine operate. To control the inlet and exhaust of internal combustion engine, valves are us... read more

  • Does your truck need leveling?

    Monday 06 February 2017

    Trucks are becoming a more popular choice than ever when people are purchasing vehicles. There is a big selection on offer nowadays and people are taking full advantage. A lot of trucks come originally with the front end lower than the back end. This is where it may be important to some customers to have their truck “leveled out”. This is mainly to do with aesthetics on how attractive the truck looks and with the truck leveled out, you are bale to put on bigger, more aggressive tires... read more


    Friday 20 January 2017

    Texting and driving – No amount of justification makes it okay.  You may have seen it already on over 1,000 billboards across the nation, the new slogan created by Oxford student, Emily McDonald, “Better left unread than dead.” Hard hitting? Yes, straight to the point? Certainly. What reads as a harsh message, in fact does not do the underlying problem justice. Its almost impossible to get across the importance of this problem that put... read more

  • Meet the managers

    Thursday 12 January 2017

    Our 2017 Management team – pictured from left to right. Thom Gyder (owner), Ernie Flores (Cave Creek), Chris Callihan (operations manager), David Wimbley (surprise), Adam Lindell (Goodyear), Jim Swift (Litchfield), Chris Garman (President), Cody Kruger (Happy Valley), Chris Kanna (Arcadia) Note – Missing Howard Fleischmann from Peoria. It is key to us here at Wilhelm that you really get to know who you are doing business with. Our in store managers for the New Year... read more